Fire Hydrant Flow Testing 6.0 and Mapping Software.
Hydrant Flow Test 6.2

        Hydrant Flow Test 6.2 features dynamic spreadsheets for calculating and displaying the results of single or multiple hydrant flow tests. There is no limit on the number of flow test locations and outlets flowed. The dynamic graph responds immediately to changes in all major hydrant flow test parameters. The graph displays extrapolated flow at 0 psi, 20 psi and other user defined values of pressure. The Mapping Module plots color coded Class AA, A & B hydrant markers by street address or GPS coordinates.
        The Hydrant Flow Test 6.2 GeoCoder Module translates street addresses to GPS coordinates for the precise placement of fire hydrant markers. The GeoMarker Module can be used to change a hydrant location by clicking and dragging a marker. Reports, graphs and maps can be printed for individual or multiple hydrant flow tests. Flow test parameters and results are displayed in a scrollable Summary spreadsheet. The spreadsheet can be sorted and searched for results matching file name, hydrant, location, date, static, residual, flow and other variables. Copy and Paste hydrant flow test summary results to Microsoft Excel.


Hydrant Flow Test - Mapping Module

Hydrant Flow Test 6.2 Mapping Module

Hydrant Flow Test - Mapping Module

Hydrant Flow Test 6.2 GeoMarker Module

Hydrant Flow Test - GeoMarker Module

Paste Results to Microsoft Excel

Paste to Microsoft Excel

Onscreen PDF Help

Onscreen PDF Help

Specs on Hydrant Flow Test 6.2

Flow Summary


Hydrant Flow Test and Graph

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